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Summary of March 2013


Absolutely fantastic month!!! There should be something for everyone that claim to be into metal in this months summary. From the more modern tunes of ADEPT, AMARANTHE and SYSTEM ANNIHILATED to oldschool attacks from the likes of NECROCURSE, TAAKE and DEVIL. Amongst my personal favorites this month you’ll find bands such as:  THE AMENTA, CHAOSDAEMON, DEATH TYRANT and IN VAIN.

“Summary of March 2013”

Cognition – Black Horizon EP (2012)

So, I got a mail today from Jon in Norwegian metal act Cognition asking if Spotify Metal possibly is a place for independent Metal artists to spread the word about their new releases? My answer is simple, it is a YES.
Being a musician myself with a bunch of independent releases made in the past I know how important it can be to get ones music out there (even though most of the independent releases I’ve been involved in was spread the “good old fashioned way” via tape-trading, during a time before internet and all the possibilities it offers).
In other words, if your in a band and think that your music would be suitable to feature here at Spotify Metal, do not hesitate, just get in touch (all contact information can be found the the “Contact” section of this site).

Even though Cognition‘s new EP “Black Horizon” isn’t 100% “my cup of tea” it still has some qualities that I find interesting (they certainly have a very unique touch to their metal), now have a listen and judge for yourself.