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Metal now officially added to Genres & Moods over at Spotify!


Now here’s something I actually like a lot with Spotify constantly working with improving their service. In the “Browse” category, under “Genres & Moods”, Metal has finally been added. And you know what?

Well, that “Metal of the 90’s” playlist is done by yours truly so be sure to follow it for the best metal of the 90’s. Playlist updated every week…(and still done so without any real official affiliation nor  financial compensation or whatever, but for the love of metal!)

Welcome (once again) to Spotify Metal!

While this new website is still somewhat of a “work in progress”, I though that it was about time to introduce it. First thing You’ll propably notice is the new design, but the most important thing is the new URL: (make sure to update your bookmark). Consider this as a BETA-version for the time being while I work on getting a better hang of this whole wordpress thingie.

Last I left this website, I posted a blog looking for co-workers, and this has actually paid off. I’ve gotten interest from a couple of individuals that I think will bring some much needed diversity to the site. I am at the moment setting up accounts for the new staff members and hopefully they’ll be up and running in a week or so, posting their playlists. .

// Tokako [14 January 2012]