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This website will be discontinued as of 22 December 2015 due to lack of time. But don’t worry!

I will still continue to do my monthly summaries which you can find either by using the search word “Spotify Metal” on Spotify or better yet – like Spotify Metal on Facebook in order to get all the latest updates instantly.

All the best // Tokako [2015-10-31]

Metal now officially added to Genres & Moods over at Spotify!


Now here’s something I actually like a lot with Spotify constantly working with improving their service. In the “Browse” category, under “Genres & Moods”, Metal has finally been added. And you know what?

Well, that “Metal of the 90’s” playlist is done by yours truly so be sure to follow it for the best metal of the 90’s. Playlist updated every week…(and still done so without any real official affiliation nor  financial compensation or whatever, but for the love of metal!)

Welcome (once again) to Spotify Metal!

While this new website is still somewhat of a “work in progress”, I though that it was about time to introduce it. First thing You’ll propably notice is the new design, but the most important thing is the new URL: (make sure to update your bookmark). Consider this as a BETA-version for the time being while I work on getting a better hang of this whole wordpress thingie.

Last I left this website, I posted a blog looking for co-workers, and this has actually paid off. I’ve gotten interest from a couple of individuals that I think will bring some much needed diversity to the site. I am at the moment setting up accounts for the new staff members and hopefully they’ll be up and running in a week or so, posting their playlists. .

// Tokako [14 January 2012]


Seeking co-workers!!

I’m currently working on filling out some gaps in the “Monthly lists” since I’ve noticed that there is quite a few albums that are missing (simply since they have been added to Spotify later on instead of the month it was released). Also the work  with putting together a “Best Tracks of 2011” is moving along, it is taking time though since we’re talking about going through approximately 4000 tracks.

But below You’ll find the real reason for this post………….

I started Spotify Metal earlier this year as a sort of a project on the side of my already existing “jobs”. I started this simply out of love for the music and also in order to help people such as myself to have one “anchor” on the internet that collects all the new metal-related releases on Spotify, month by month (The monthly (New Albums) posts).

I might have started off quite good with the site posting various playlists (besides the monthly ones) with themes such as: “Denmark”, “Finland”, “Sweden”, “Black Metal of the 90’s” and so on, but I soon realized that with studies (and my “jobs”) I sadly lack the time of keeping this site afloat with at least 1 or 2 regular updates a week. That is why I’m now wondering if there is anybody out there that feel that they would like to be a part of this site? Share a playlist or two from time to time? I think having more people aboard also would raise my spirits a bit resulting in more frequent updates.

So what does it take to be a co-worker @ Spotify Metal?
Well, actually nothing more than love for the music (that is hardrock/metal) and the will to make great playlists to share with people. I don’t care about nationalities, age, gender, long hair/short hair etc.

So what does it pay?
Well, sadly nothing. It’s not like I get paid for doing this shit either, I simply do it out of love for the music and for the opportunity to share great music (and sometimes bad).

So, I’m interested. What do I do?
If You have Facebook you can reach me there @ Spotify Metal.
Spotify Metal can also be contacted on Twitter.
Or you can simply reach me @ spotifymetal[at]

Lets make this page “pop” in 2012…….

// Tokako

Metal Blade removed their repertoire from Spotify!

As I wrote earlier CENTURY MEDIA released a press-statement announcing that they’ve pulled their entire repertoire from SPOTIFY. Sadly it seems that others follow….This time METAL BLADE has removed everything as well (Well, pretty much saw this coming). No official statement has been made, but the site digital music news published the article below today.