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Summary of March 2014

March2014March 2014 wasn’t really that exciting, but as always there was at least a couple of interesting releases such as: ANCIENT ASCENDANT,  ANIMALS AS LEADERS, COFFINWORM, MASSACRE, TWILIGHT and VALKNACHT.

“Summary of March 2014″

Summary of February 2014

Feb20142014 continues with a whole bunch of nice releases. This months recommended releases are: ACHERON, BEHEMOTH, BENIGHTED, CRIPPLE BASTARDS, CYNIC, HATRIOT, HIRAX, KUOLEMANLAAKSO, MORBUS CHRON, RIBSPREADER, SOREPTION and SVARTTJERN. 

“Summary of February 2014″

Summary of January 2014

Jan20142014 starts off with a whole bunch of nice releases, which is welcomed after the disaster that was December 2013. This months recommended releases are: AENAON, ALCEST, ISKALD, KAMPFAR, NARCOTIC WASTELAND, PERSUADER and SLIGHTLY SATANIC. 

“Summary of January 2014″

This was My Life – 1990

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a strong connection to music, you might even call it love. Perhaps even the only true love in my life to be a bit harsh. The fact that I for christmas 1983, aged six, got Twisted Sister‘s “Under the Blade” on cassette has probably colored my musical taste for the future to come.

For a long time I’ve been carrying around the idea of compiling some sort of toplists/playlists  over the music “that shaped me” and 1990 felt like a natural year to begin with since that is the year when I seriously decided that I would become a collector. Even though I’ve been collecting since 1990 my collection is far from the biggest I’ve seen (just check out the Facebook group called “METAL COLLECTORS SOCIETY” for some sick collections) I still got a genuine collection of 2000+ articles in various forms (MC, CD, LP, DVD etc.).

On the 1:st of every month starting now I will be publishing a new list on no less that three platforms simultaneously a.k.a websites run by yours truly, (Blashyrkhbloggen, Deathdomain and SpotifyMetal). With 1990 as a starting point and a new list monthly you can expect this to last for about two years from now. But to get started here’s some facts from1990:

Some bands formed in 1990:

  • Anathema
  • At the Gates
  • Cathedral
  • Fear Factory
  • In Flames
  • Krisiun
  • My Dying Bride
  • Opeth
  • Satyricon
  • Tool
  • Type o Negative

Some events during 1990:

  • Adrian Smith leaves Iron Maiden because of musical differences. Janick Gers is hired to replace him.
  • Metallica wins the first ever Grammy award in the category of Best Metal Performance for the song “One“.
  • The infamous “Clash of the Titans” tour is this year, headlined by bands such as Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax, Testament, Suicidal Tendencies and others.
  • Marty Friedman joins Megadeth replacing Jeff Young on guitar.
  • Possessed frontman, Jeff Becerra is paralyzed from the waist down after being shot in a mugging on his way home from work.

MY TOP 10 FOR 1990:

Black Mark Production

“Hammerheart” is a true milestone, as well as being responsible for molding a whole genre of viking-inspired metal to come. “One Road to Asa Bay” is undeniably an immortalized classic. Quorthon R.I.P.


Combat Records

Death did already release some classic track already with both “Scream Bloody Gore” (1987) and “Leprosy” (1989), but it wasn’t until 1990 I had my first encounter with the band and fell in love with the titel track which still to day is one of my absolute favourites with the band.



Roadrunner Records

Deicide‘s debut has so many classics to offer it almost ridicolous. Just take tracks such as: “Lunatic of God’s creation”, “Sacrificial Suicide”, “Dead by Dawn”, “Carnage in the Temple of the Damned”. And I could just keep on going…




Earache Records

An album that really sparked the whole scene of Swedish Death Metal back in the day. A more classic milestone than this when it comes to Swedish Death Metal is pretty much impossible to find.


Noise Records

German thrashers Kreator began already back in 1989 to refine their sound with “Extreme Aggression” (1989), but the big breakthrough came with “Coma of Souls” that is undeniably amongst the finest albums that Germany has produced when it comes to thrash metal.



Deathlike Silence

Anti-Mosh 01 is sort just there somewhatclassic.The first release on the infamous label Deathlike Silence Productions run by Øystein “Euronymous” Aarseth (The most important dead communist since Stalin? according to a classic 1996 issue of the Finnish zine ISTEN). Raw and energetic Swedish death/thrash at its finest..


Earache Records

Napalm Death‘s classic grindcore era aside, it wasn’t until the band decided to incorporate death metal influences I felt that it hit the spot for me. The true highlight on this album is the track “Unfit Earth” featuring guest vocals from not only John Tardy but also Glen Benton.


Earache Records

When most pf the people within the scene advocated for a metal scene with no keyboards, Nocturnus chose to not give a fuck by releasing a truly magnificent and epic album full och keyboards combined with death metal.


Roadrunner Records
Chopped in half…..feel the blood spill from your mouth. With rotting ways comes destiny…..feel the soul taking over - Bleed….




Def American
“War Ensemble”, “Dead Skin Mask”, “Seasons in the Abyss”, I don’t think I have to say more than that. Jeff Hanneman  R.I.P.



playlistClick on the button above to listen to the rest of my favourites from 1990.

Summary of 2013 – The Top 160 of 2013


Although 2013 did have some jewels to offer, 2012 felt like a stronger year. This year I’m presenting three different lists. A “Top 160 tracks”, where I’ve been rather generous with what I let in on the list. A “Top 20 tracks” with my personal crème de la crème from the former mentioned list and a “The year 2013″ list with all albums that I’ve listed during the year that passed (over 7000 tracks with a playtime of 561 hours). Here’s some namedropping of the stuff I enjoyed to the most during 2013: ARMAGEDON, BLOOD RED THRONE, BOMBUS, CHAOSDAEMON, COLOSSUS, DEATH TYRANT, DIABOLICAL, EVILE, EXHUMED, F.K.Ü., GORGUTS, HAIL OF BULLETS, HATE, IMMOLATION, INQUISITION, LEPROUS, NECROPHOBIC, OTARGOS, PORT NOIR, QUEST OF AIDANCE, SPIRITUAL BEGGARS, SORCERY, SUFFOCATION, TURISAS and WITHERSCAPE.

“Top 160 tracks of 2013″

“Top 20 tracks of 2013″

“The year 2013 (All new albums)”