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Summary of March 2014

March2014March 2014 wasn’t really that exciting, but as always there was at least a couple of interesting releases such as: ANCIENT ASCENDANT,  ANIMALS AS LEADERS, COFFINWORM, MASSACRE, TWILIGHT and VALKNACHT.

“Summary of March 2014″

Summary of February 2014

Feb20142014 continues with a whole bunch of nice releases. This months recommended releases are: ACHERON, BEHEMOTH, BENIGHTED, CRIPPLE BASTARDS, CYNIC, HATRIOT, HIRAX, KUOLEMANLAAKSO, MORBUS CHRON, RIBSPREADER, SOREPTION and SVARTTJERN. 

“Summary of February 2014″

Summary of January 2014

Jan20142014 starts off with a whole bunch of nice releases, which is welcomed after the disaster that was December 2013. This months recommended releases are: AENAON, ALCEST, ISKALD, KAMPFAR, NARCOTIC WASTELAND, PERSUADER and SLIGHTLY SATANIC. 

“Summary of January 2014″

Summary of 2013 – The Top 160 of 2013


Although 2013 did have some jewels to offer, 2012 felt like a stronger year. This year I’m presenting three different lists. A “Top 160 tracks”, where I’ve been rather generous with what I let in on the list. A “Top 20 tracks” with my personal crème de la crème from the former mentioned list and a “The year 2013″ list with all albums that I’ve listed during the year that passed (over 7000 tracks with a playtime of 561 hours). Here’s some namedropping of the stuff I enjoyed to the most during 2013: ARMAGEDON, BLOOD RED THRONE, BOMBUS, CHAOSDAEMON, COLOSSUS, DEATH TYRANT, DIABOLICAL, EVILE, EXHUMED, F.K.Ü., GORGUTS, HAIL OF BULLETS, HATE, IMMOLATION, INQUISITION, LEPROUS, NECROPHOBIC, OTARGOS, PORT NOIR, QUEST OF AIDANCE, SPIRITUAL BEGGARS, SORCERY, SUFFOCATION, TURISAS and WITHERSCAPE.

“Top 160 tracks of 2013″

“Top 20 tracks of 2013″

“The year 2013 (All new albums)”

Summary of December 2013

December2013December did not impress at all. In fact it must be one of the worst months ever that I can remember during the history of Spotify Metal. I guess that the album “Pirut” from Russian band KAUAN is the only album I’d like to recommend.

“Summary of December 2013″