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Khonsu – Anomalia (2012)

One of my favourite times of the month is putting together the monthly playlists. And it is especially nice at rare occasions when I manage to discover a band that is totally unheard of for me. Norwegian KHONSU (feat. KEEP OF KALESSIN vocalist Thebon) is one of these bands that just blew me away immediately, resulting in an order of the vinyl-version released via SEASON OF MIST. Labeled as Black/Industrial/Progressive Metal on Metal-Archives and I guess it is pretty much a good description of it all.

Khonsu – “Anomalia”

Black Metal A-Z

Before You even consider pushing the “Play” button on this one, here’s the basics.
I do not care about terms such as “Trve”, “Kvlt” and all the other whatnots. Also this list differs from the “Death Metal A-Z” in the way that this is a playlist of 300 Black Metal bands (well, at least in Sweden & for as long as Spotify don’t take down any of the featured artists) whom I in one way or another consider Black Metal, despite what people (well, often elitists) say or claim. My only criteria was that everything I included should be something that I enjoy in one way or the other, since let’s face it there is quite alot of shitty black metal out there (then again, a question of personal taste).

If I’d concentrated on making a playlist with only “Trve” shit the list wouldn’t have been this extensive, and then again listening to your music through Spotify ain’t really all that Necro Grim & Trve, so I guess nobody would’ve won anything on having a list of such nature (Can one be Trve and have a Spotify account?).
I guess me including artists such as CRADLE OF FILTH and DIMMU BORGIR in this list will be the thing that will provoke some people the most. And here is my uncomplicated and simple answer to why I included these bands: I started listening to this “shit” back in 1992 and the above mentioned bands were in fact considered as relevant back in the days, far from whatever became of them.

“Black Metal A-Z”